Developing Health & Independence - Newton Street

In May 2019, Bristol Together carried out a major refurbishment of a 2-bedroomed terraced house in Easton on behalf of Developing Health & Independence (DHI).

DHI is a local charity that was set up in 1999 to help people out of the cycle of homelessness, social isolation and drug or alcohol abuse by providing a decent place to live independently.

The works involved a full renovation of a property that had been empty for 5 years.   This included roofing, window and door replacements, landscaping, new kitchen and bathroom, new ceilings and plastering throughout, replacement doors and skirting boards, flooring throughout and painting, both interior and exterior.

We were able to hand over the property to the client exactly in line with the 8-week schedule and to the agreed budget.

The project employed 3 recently released prisoners, working shoulder to shoulder alongside skilled tradespeople.

The property is now being used by DHI to transform the life of one of its clients.

Building Contract

We warmly welcome like-minded individuals and organisations, who would like to get involved or help us with this work. This might be:

  • Identifying and/ or providing properties for refurbishment
  • Providing construction or renovation contract opportunities.
  • Funding for our mentoring, training and onward employment programmes.
  • Partnering with us on construction projects.