Bristol Together started in 2011. Since that time it’s employees have developed or refurbished more than 120 properties in the local community.


We have already helped more than 130 former prisoners into work, with very low reoffending rates whilst individuals are in our employment.

We expect that we will continue to see very low levels of re-offending amongst our employees – testimony to the impact we are having.

Here at Bristol Together, we are more than just an employer, and we do more than create jobs.  Our aim is to see those who have been socially excluded achieve their full potential, and to support them in working towards their career aspirations.

We believe that supporting our employees through on the job training in wide range of building skills can really make the difference in seeing them make the next step towards achieving their aspirations.

Bristol Together has a strong culture of partnership and has already established many strong working relationships with organisations, which are willing to support the aim of helping ex-offenders into employment. These include charities and social enterprises, faith groups, local councils, property developers, estate agents, prisons and housing associations.

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