New Investment in Bristol Together

12th May 2020

Bristol Together is please to announce that it has secured £240,000 of equity investment from new shareholders.  Barrow Cadbury Trust, Tuixen Foundation and Treebeard Trust have all invested, and become shareholders in the company.

In addition, Bristol Together has secured a further £325,000 in long-term finance from a number of lenders, including Nisbet Trust, Tuixen Foundation, Barrow Cadbury Trust, HSBC and individual philanthropic investors.

Put together, this investment package provides the foundation for the business to grow over the next few years.  The company is continuing to seek further capital to support its expansion.

Paul Humphries, Bristol Together’s Executive Director said “It is very unusual for a Community Interest Company (CIC) to be able to raise pure equity from investors in this way – we would like to thank Barrow Cadbury Trust, Tuixen Foundation and Treebeard Trust, the organisations which made these equity investments, for their belief in our initiative and their outstanding support”.

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